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Why we can't wait for you to meet Rose-Marie Swift

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Green Beauty Expert Kristen Arnett, RMS Beauty Creator Rose-Marie Swift with Frankie, Blush Beauty Bar owner Deborah Haynes.

Green Beauty Expert Kristen Arnett, RMS Beauty Creator Rose-Marie Swift with Frankie, Blush Beauty Bar owner Deborah Haynes.

Are you wondering, who is Rose-Marie Swift and how or why will I be meeting her? Read on!

Rose-Marie Swift is the creator of RMS Beauty, one of the most popular brands at Blush Beauty Bar, and also one of the most eco-friendly! How are you going to meet her? Give us a call to reserve your spot on Saturday, March 5 at 4 pm, as Rose-Marie works with the Blush Makeup Artists to create an individualized look for you, using RMS products, and with Rose-Marie's expert input. More details at the end of the post!

There are several reasons we really want you to meet Rose-Marie. The first is the advice you'll get, and the way you'll get it. Rose-Marie is known for her straight-to-the-point style. She is kind and generous with her time, and will tell you exactly how it is...why you should wear a certain shade and not another, and why making green beauty choices is definitely the way to go. Once you meet this dynamo, you'll know that you can trust any advice she gives you.

Next, if you are thinking that you want to make more healthier decisions about your beauty products, both for your personal health and also for the health of the planet, Rose-Marie is someone you want to talk to. A maverick in the beauty industry, Rose-Marie created products that not only enhance a woman's beauty, but are free of chemicals and unnecessary additives that can harm your skin and the rest of your body. Instead, RMS uses raw, organic coconut oil and other ingredients like wild crafted Buriti oil, so your color products can actually nourish your skin. And the products are packaged in glass rather than plastic, whenever possible, so they are easily recyclable, rather than throw-it-in-a-landfill-able.

You may want to ask Rose-Marie exactly how she managed to create a cosmetics line that is both a favorite of celebrities and their makeup artists, while at the same time being so completely wearable that you can put on a full face and never feel overdone as you run your daily errands. Along with explaining how natural and organic ingredients can help your skin as well as make you look good, she can give you the best advice on how to wear them...after all, the woman who is makeup artist to Gisele Bundchen and Miranda Kerr must have a few red-carpet  tricks up her sleeves!

And speaking of Miranda Kerr, one last reason you'll want to meet Rose-Marie is that you will also get to meet Frankie, the adorable Yorkshire Terrier that she shares with Miranda. Frankie is used to hanging backstage with models and celebrities, but you'll find her very down-to-earth!

To reserve your spot for our RMS Beauty event, give us a call at 503-227-3390. The $25 charge to hold your spot is fully refundable in product at the event, and purchases of $100 or more during the event receive their choice of a full size Lip Shine in Bloom or Lip & Skin Balm in Simply Cocoa. Rose-Marie, Frankie, straight-up beauty advice, gift with purchase...what are you waiting for? Space is very limited!