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A Mascara Riddle

Terresa ClarkComment

What type of mascara is waterproof, but removes easily with water? It sounds impossible, but the answer is what beauty junkies call "tubing" mascaras. 

Instead of the oil and wax bases that make up traditional mascaras, tubing mascara uses a polymer base that coats the lash and binds to itself as it dries. The polymers wrap and seal the entire lash. Once it is dry, the mascara is resistant to water until you want to remove it. When you do want to take it off, just use water and light pressure (from your fingers or a washcloth), and the mascara slides right off--it's brilliant! And while you will have little black tubes in your sink, you won't have undereye smudges caused by mascara residue.

But are they really waterproof?  Blushies have put them all to the test, and found that they stay on, even through vigorous water sports, but remove easily and cleanly. 

Keen to try a tubing mascara? Here are our recommendations for which formula might work best for you.

Try blinc Mascara if you a more natural look and prefer a smaller brush and a wetter formula.

If you really want to rev up your lashes with extra length and volume, you'll want to try blinc Amplified Mascara.

Lash Sleeve is perfect for those who want a more natural looking mascara, but like a big, fat brush.