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What's in a name? Swedish Lessons with FACE Stockholm

Terresa ClarkComment

Who hasn't thought it would be fun to name lipstick colors? It seems like a universal dream job for anyone who loves cosmetics. Color cosmetics names come in several different types. Some names describe the color quite precisely (Charcoal, Navy, Gold), while some just hint at the color (Seashell, Peony, Rose). And of course, some names leave you completely guessing about the shade--who knows what color  Beauty would be? 

FACE Stockholm adds a whole new level to names. Their products bear all three types of names, but are complicated by the fact that many of the names are in Swedish. There are a few names that are indeed women's names, but they are popular Swedish names (Myrrah, Blenda, Frida, Anneli). But some of the names are the sort that give you an idea of the shade, so we thought it might be helpful to have a little Swedish lesson!

While you might figure some of these out on your own, especially if you say them out loud, others are a little trickier. FACE Stockholm  Eye Pencil in Grå, for example, is indeed Gray. But any guesses what Mellanbrun means? Medium Brown! Similarly, Morkbrun does not refer to a television sitcom from the 1970's, but means Dark Brown. 

FACE Stockholm  blushes are generally named in English, but Effekt and Körsbar are two exceptions. Effekt is one of those you can guess at, and you'd probably be correct; it means effect. But with Körsbar, it is helpful to know the translation, as it hints at the shade--Cherry. While Cherry can be different things to different people, at least you know that it isn't going to be bright orange or dark brown.

In  lipstick, FACE Stockholm, like many other brands, uses names that don't really hint at the shade, but it is fun to know what they mean just the same.

Ansvar = Responsibility
Bästa = Good
Beröra = Touch
Kyss = Kiss
Stjarna = Star
Ullas Röda = Clear Red
Varda = Cherish

In the same vein, the FACE Stockholm  Galaxy, which are pots of loose glitter, have very exotic sounding names, but they translate to rather mundane numbers.

Fjorton = 14
Sexton = 16
Nitton = 19
Tjugofyra = 24

Tjugofem = 25
Tjugosex = 26

Some FACE Stockholm  Eye Shadows have names that are helpful in knowing what to expect.

Basfärg = Base Paint
Blåbär = Blueberry
Brunögd = Brown-Eyed
Nästan Svart = Almost Black
Platina = Platinum
Skogsgrönt = Forest Green
London Dimma = London Fog

Similarly, in  Brow Shadows:

Bjork = Birch
Kanel = Cinnamon

And finally, FACE Stockholm  Nektar (yes, that does mean Nectar) are named for beautiful blossoms.

Äppelbloma = Apple Blossom
Hyacint = Hyacinth
Körsbars Blomma = Cherry Blossom
Luktärt = Sweet Pea
Nejlika = Carnation
Pion = Peony
Viol = Violets

Now that you know a little Swedish, you can shop the great selection of FACE Stockholm products at with confidence! And you'll want to, the brand is committed to staying true to the Swedish beauty ideal - naturally based, trend forward, simple, clean, gorgeous and fun!