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Summer Blushie Crushes

Terresa ClarkComment

Summer arrived a little early here in Portland--we are used to it not being "officially" summer until the week after 4th of July! But the extra weeks of warm weather have given us extra time to try out beautiful summer products, so here are our latest Blushie Crushes!

First, Blushies of all ages are loving the new ARCONA Wine Oil. This antioxidant oil absorbs quickly and doesn't leave an oily residue on the skin. It is packed with Resveratrol, which is a powerful free-radical fighter, and as we all know, sun exposure can create those pesky, aging, unbalanced molecules, so it is a perfect addition to your summer skin care routine.

Next up, the new LORAC TANtalizer Baked Bronzer in Matte Tan is a favorite with fair-to-medium skinned Blushies. We don't understand why there aren't more matte bronzers on the market, since the sun rarely makes us sparkle. Baked Bronzers start out as a creamy liquid  and are then slowly baked on terracotta tiles, which gives them a creamy feel in an easy-to-use powder form.

With summer sun, protecting skin from the aging and damaging rays of the sun is key, so check out Blushie Crush COOLA Face SPF 20 Rose Essence Mineral Sunscreen Tinted Moisturizer/Organic CC Cream is a favorite because the SPF comes from natural Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide and the lightly tinted formula evens skin while protecting it.

Speaking of summer heat, no one wants to be the victim of a deodorant failure. If you're concerned that a natural deodorant won't work as well as a conventional one, rest assured, we have given Schmidt's Natural Deodorants a thorough test with our recent heat waves. Ylang-Ylang and Calendula has been an all-around favorite because it gives off a subtle whiff of flowers, making it easy to mistake for perfume rather than deodorant.

Beachy waves are as summery as you can get for hair. Blushies are in love with Olivine Atelier Love + Roses Beauty Mist, which freshens and softens both hair and body with the benefits of rose essential oil. Use it to lock in those waves, as well as moisturize your body. Because of the rose oil, you can skip traditional fragrance, too!

In warmer weather, light foundations and tinted moisturizers are popular, and the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush is ideal for applying these lighter formulations. It makes application quick and easy, but gives even coverage and eliminates streaks. The synthetic fibers are easy to clean and cruelty-free. At only $9, you can't afford not to add this to your brush collection.

When you want a no-makeup look, you still will want a little something on your lips. Brett Freedman Beauty Dr. Kiss Balm is ideal for this situation because the hint of blue in the tube becomes a personal hint of pink on your lips! Made with peppermint oil, it has a cooling effect, so it glides on comfortably even on the hottest day.

RMS Beauty Defining Mascara is a new popular choice no matter the weather. The tiny brush is deceiving, as one Blushie said, "who would have thought you could get length and thickness from that little brush?" And we really love that the formula is made with organic plant waxes and raw minerals.